She’s got a “faith” for radio

She’s got a “faith” for radio

It was really weird. You see, I listen to K-Blessed-Virgin-Mary radio station pretty much every day. I never thought what it would be like to be the one people were listening to.

My biggest fear – honestly – was that I would scandalize my family. Or say too much. Or the wrong thing. Or not anything that would be inspirational or helpful to anyone. Okay, so I had gotten a little worked up about the whole thing. I listen to the radio – I’m not on the radio! Yet, there I was, Monday morning, ready to go – gulp – live.

Just a bit of a rewind to set the stage: originally, I was scheduled to speak on KBVM’s In Person show to publicize the Women’s Tea for Life fundraiser I was planning in our Archdiocese for mid-October; however, the event got bumped to next Spring due to scheduling issues. Dina Marie Hale, the program host, said I should still come, that we could talk about married life, motherhood, Teams of Our Lady, stuff. I sing in front of about 400+ people every Sunday, I thought. I can handle a radio show. What’s the big deal?

Well, if one believes statistics, people are afraid of death, then public speaking. In that order. And, I am assuming, most people who speak in public can have notes. This was going to be live, off-the-cuff, ain’t no knowin’ what’s comin’ next. No notes would really help. That was a bit daunting to me, especially since the most impromptu experience I have is based on the entertainment needs of a 15-month-old, a 4 1/2 year -old, and a 6-year-old, and they’re a pretty forgiving audience.

Anyway, I must say that prayer is a wonderful thing, because I was able to pray with the host before we went on (this was not a hostile situation by any stretch), and she did a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable throughout the show. I also know that family and friends were praying for me. One friend called to say she remembered me to Christ during the Consecration at Holy Mass that morning. Also, I remembered to bring my 1st Holy Communion rosary and my Confirmation Bible as well as my Catholic Women’s Bible with me (hey, why take chances?).

Anyway, I apologize, but I can’t really give you too many specifics about what we discussed. I know I talked about adoption, not being Filipino, 40 Days for Life, St. Monica, Teams of Our Lady, St. Therese and her parents, Fr. Donald Calloway (I think) – just a bunch of stuff; honestly, though, it was pretty surreal. It was almost like it wasn’t me who was talking, and yet, I was. I ended up not using the closing prayer I brought to pray because it didn’t seem appropriate given the rest of the conversation, so I just winged it. Yup, me. Well, me and the Holy Spirit. We winged it.

It was pretty clear less than 5 minutes after we wrapped things up that our recording studio had been thick with the Holy Spirit. I just pray that God is glorified in everything I do, radio gigs involving extensive impromptu speaking included.

The feedback from friends and family has been really positive, thanks be to God! If anyone is interested, I will be posting the interview to our website as soon as I can. God’s blessings upon you and your families!

Vivat Jesus!