“Offer it up!” huh??!

“Offer it up!” huh??!

You have a headache, your kids are running wild, your car won’t start, you don’t get the promotion you were hoping for. Many cradle Catholics grew up hearing the response “offer it up” to their complaints, both large and small.

I’m looking for answers to the following questions: How does one go about explaining this practice/concept (and its efficacy) to Protestants? What about an easy way to explain it to your kids?

I’ll post responses that are #1: theologically sound (scripturally-based or have roots in early Church Fathers’ writings) and #2: are easy enough for us “non-theologian” types to understand (this will be especially helpful when I’m trying to explain the concept to children).

Thanks in advance for your help! I’m “offering up” the patience needed ’til I get your responses *right now*!

Pax Christi.


4 thoughts on ““Offer it up!” huh??!

  1. This sunday’s readings http://www.usccb.org/nab/101809.shtml really say it all (what a timely post too!) For us, offering it up is a way for us to remember what Jesus said…to “..drink the cup that I drink…” When my children have asked me what this means (as I have used the offer it up line on them) I say that it means that you turn your cares/worries/aches and pains over to the Lord as a means of sacrifice and service much like fasting.

    1. Michelle – thank you SO much for your thoughts! I agree that this weekend’s readings were very timely. I lucked out on that one! We have very small children, and I’m trying to teach them what “sacrifice” and “service” means in terms they can relate to. I suppose I could give them the following example: “When there is only one cookie left, and you let your brother/sister have it instead of keeping it for yourself, Jesus sees your small sacrifice as a gift that makes Him happy.” It’s also a “Golden Rule” lesson & a “first shall be last” lesson. That just … might … compute. Perhaps the moral of the story is I should bake more cookies to create more opportunities for learning – ha, ha. 🙂 God bless!

  2. there are so many complex things! The way we explain sacrifice and the way I explain it to my CCD kids – I have them look at Jesus on the cross, remind them that he was a REAL person just like them, then I ask them to think about the pain that he felt, real pain. Then I say that Jesus, being the son of God, could have simply walked away from the cross, could have punished everyone who did this to him, but instead he chose to endure that pain. I then go on to tell them that when they “sacrifice” it’s a way for them to endure something unpleasant as a way of being like Jesus, which brings us back to “offering it up.”

    1. Ah ha. He sacrificed because of His unconditional love for us, and we can offer our sacrifices as a sign of love for Him. I agree – so many complex things. Thank you very much for your insight!

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