Lost? Who’s Lost?

Lost? Who’s Lost?

Here’s a sure clue that I’m starting to become overwhelmed: This week I’ve been so busy tending to my family’s needs and  various obligations and responsibilities and my never-ending “to-do” list (and, yes, those multiple haphazard scraps of paper strewn across  kitchen countertop do count as a “to-do” list in my world) — that I missed my favorite television show.

Is it a sure clue that I’m becoming overwhelmed, or that my priorities are finally settling in as they should?

  1. Relationship with God,
  2. spouse,
  3. children,
  4. friends,
  5.  job,
  6. ministry …

… and distant, distant next: everything else, including TV.

Something to think about during this season of detachment.


2 thoughts on “Lost? Who’s Lost?

  1. That is a very good sign indeed. I feel a bit guilty that I didn’t give it up for Lent. It’s an “attachment.” Why did they finally bring it back just in time for Lent. Oy!
    You can always watch the episode online, no?

    1. Yes, it is an attachment, I suppose! One positive thing that comes from watching the show, other than the sheer “entertainment” value, is that my husband and I often discuss the deeper spiritual meaning and allusions in the storyline. I have enjoyed the series immensely!

      Oh, and the only way we can watch it together is online; it’s a pretty good deal, since we can just hit “mute” for the 30 second commercial breaks!

      Nice to hear from a fellow “Lostie.” 🙂

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