Welcome to “The New Normal” part two

Welcome to “The New Normal” part two

I decided to start waking up an hour early every morning to take a brisk Rosary walk around our “big” block, because starting a full-time job outside the home for the first time in several several years yesterday wasn’t enough of a change in my life – I crave sleep deprivation, also. Lord, help me.

I can already tell a physical difference, though, which is fabulous! My calves are sore, as is a muscle in my lower back that I haven’t heard from in many moons. Oh, and I’m pretty sure the large pimple forming to the left of my nose is from the sweat puddles. Have I mentioned I don’t care for exercise?

Praise God.

Okay – off to get ready for work. The kids will be up soon. I pray you have a blessed day and will choose to be salt and light wherever Our Lord takes you.