All because two people fell in love …

All because two people fell in love …

About a year ago, I was at my wit’s end with the clutter and the chaos in my house; I had probably stepped on a particularly pointy Lego piece for the 75th time that day and couldn’t find a particular kid’s particular toy that he or she justhadtohave before we had to be somewhere 10 minutes ago.

It was right around this time that I was in a local store and saw a decorative sign that read: “All because two people fell in love.” The sign now proudly hangs on the wall above the kids’ play area. I bought and hung it as a reminder that, no matter the dolls, blocks, trucks, etc., etc. (and I do mean etc.), these children and the omnipresent mess they perpetuate represent the physical manifestation of the love my husband and I have for each other and are also a constant reminder, in joys and sorrows, of the love God has for me. And His love, quite unlike my front room, is always perfect.

In other words, none of that wonderful, horrible, ever-present mess would even be there if my husband and I hadn’t fallen in love.  The sign reminds me that I am lucky and blessed in – and because of – my mess.


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  1. While reading at your post I remember a few lines in the song Power of two by Indigo Girls.” Adding up the total of a love that’s true
    Multiply life by the power of two”.

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