When Mommy’s Away …

When Mommy’s Away …

… the kids and Daddy will all go to a doctor’s appointment

and get lunch at Wendy’s

and feed the ducks at the duck pond. And … drumroll, please …

… the 21-month-old will say “Daddy” for the very first time. !!!

Actually, he said it just after I got home from work. Daddy was on the phone on the patio outside, and the boy child enthusiastically pointed outside, saying, “Yaggy, Yaggy!” I pointed at the man in question to clarify, and asked, “Daddy?” Out came the emphatic reply: “Yeah!” After Daddy came inside, I pointed again and inquired, “Who is this?” “Yaggy, Yaggy!” he said. So, ‘Yaggy” it is.

Yaggy was very happy. Yaggy smiled and kissed his son. “It’s about time,” said Yaggy. Yaggy was a bit concerned that his new name sounded oddly like “Shaggy” from the old Scooby-Doo cartoon. He wondered if he’ll have to start doling out Scooby snacks to the children periodically throughout the day.

Silly Yaggy.