Food for the Journey

Food for the Journey

Here in the Portland, OR area, we are so very blessed to have a wonderful Catholic radio station in our midst. One of my favorite regular shows is called “Food for the Journey.” In this 15-minute program, Sister Ann Shields breaks open the daily Liturgical Scripture readings and helps the listener to practically apply God’s Word in his or her own life.

Before I continue, full disclosure #1: Sr. Ann is, by far, my favorite contemporary Catholic female teacher, so my opinion of her is admittedly quite biased. Full disclosure #2: Sr. Ann will be coming to the Portland area to speak at the 1st Annual NW Catholic Women’s Conference in the Fall of 2011. More details coming to the RCM website soon. Yippee!

On today’s episode, Sr. Ann was discussing the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of the desert into the Promised Land and how they complained and whined and wanted to go back to slavery in Egypt. I will not try to mess up Sr. Ann’s insight and application of the Scripture into our own modern experiences with my feeble ramblings; suffice to say, I got hit between the eyes about complaining about God’s providence. Here’s the one-liner that got my attention:

“Oh, brothers and sisters – don’t speak against the provision of God.” -Sr. Anne Shields

Do you recognize God’s provision in your life even when it is not ideal? Or do you complain against the situation and God like the Israelites (and me!)? Please do yourself a big favor and stop for a moment to listen to the program, allowing God’s Word to be your food for the journey today. God bless you!