Simple Pleasures: tales from the diary of a sick Mommy

Simple Pleasures: tales from the diary of a sick Mommy

I took the day off today. Was pretty darn sick yesterday, and could just see myself getting even worse if I tried to push myself to go in to the office today. So I stayed home. Which is big for me. I am not a “staying home” type when I’m working outside the home. But I am glad I did, because I was able to adjust my “to do” list to the simple pleasures that come from being home. Here’s my quick list from today:

  • Signed the kids up for some fun summer activities online
  • Ordered Mother’s Day presents for Mom and Mom-in-Law online
  • Called Mom-in-Law to wish her a “happy birthday”
  • Listened to my 1-year-old humming happily as he played with his blankie and a fork
  • Sent a birthday card to our pastor, whose birthday is the same as mine
  • Took a (very short) nap … twice
  • Listened to my preschooler read some Bible stories
  • Watched “Sesame Street” for the first time in 2+ months, and it wasn’t a repeat!
  • Heard my husband say, “I miss having you home”
  • Picked my eldest daughter up from school (I got to stay in the van)
  • Emptied the dishwasher (until I got too dizzy, then sat down again)
  • Had a lengthy conversation with a friend who has been suffering from depression and anxiety
  • Consoled another friend who just lost her Stepdad over the weekend
  • Worked with the kids on Mother’s Day cards for their Godmothers and Grandmothers
  • Tweeted in the middle of the day (guilt-free)
  • Got to post this blog
  • Compiled and sent parish bulletin contact list to my friend who has taken over marketing for our Moms Club rummage sale
  • Whined about not feeling well

Okay, well, it was mostly good. Anyway, these are the kinds of things I miss when I’m working 40+ hours a week, but again, I cannot – should not – complain against God’s provision. This is all happening for a reason. And, I drank more water than I usually do at work, which was good.

And now I need to try to get some sleep, since that’s what I was supposed to be doing today, anyway. But I’m glad I got to do what I did. Simple pleasures, indeed. Thanks, God.


One thought on “Simple Pleasures: tales from the diary of a sick Mommy

  1. Hey Heather – I enjoyed your list (and appreciated your compiling the bulletin contact list AND especially enjoyed the Mother’s Day card from my Godson!) Glad you are feeling better by the time I read this – and also about your simple pleasures enjoyed – even when you were home sick!

    Love & Happy Mother’s Day Week!

    p.s. Your Godson sends his love.

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