Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, #Blog style!

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, #Blog style!

The power is yours, dear reader! A new entry is within your control!

It’s the first-ever Real Catholic Mom Choose-Your-Own-Adventure event!

Whichever of the following blog titles receives the most votes as tallied via the “Leave a Comment” section, below, will be the topic of a future post!

Note: These are actual titles of drafts I have thought about writing and/or started writing, etc. but for one reason or another haven’t completed. Part of the excitement is that, other than the title, you don’t know what I was thinking when I began the blog (and honestly, some of them are almost 2 years old, so it’s possible that I don’t know what I was thinking, either) so the content will be a complete surprise!

Note 2: If none of the listed titles appeal to you (what!!?), I will accept “write-in” suggestions, as long as they are morally decent and plausible topics for a Real Catholic Mom to write about. (I’m not gonna be doing a book review of War and Peace anytime soon, for example.)

Note 3: Voting closes this Friday (8/5/11) at 12 midnight PST, so vote now!


  1. You won’t be home ’til WHEN??!
  2. My husband is a little bit insane. I love my husband.
  3. Hippo birdie.
  4. Whatever you do, DON’T PANIC!!
  5. Are you killing yourself?
  6. Speak, Lord – your servant is listening
  7. Once a cheater, always a cheater?
  8. Dream a little dream of green
  9. Why “Real”?
  10. What Would Jesus Tweet?
  11. I am the spleen
  12. One year later …
  13. My 2 cents and God’s economy
  14. Why don’t you just shush up??!
  15. Have you lost your vocation?
  16. Doin’ dishes
  17. The tale of 2 Mrs. Andersons
  18. True Love is a decision
  19. Rest in Peace
  20. Oh, baby

Let the games begin!!


2 thoughts on “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, #Blog style!

  1. So I know the contest is closed, but I’d just like to say: 1) I’d love to read #17 and 2) how awesome it was that I found your blog by google searching for pictures under the topic “catholic mommy” and saw a pic of your oldest and had to see why one of Heather’s little ones came up on my search! Ha! Lovely blog my friend!
    God bless,

    1. Ha, ha – I need to be more careful! I am learning that people I know actually sometimes *read* this thing! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and for the vote. It’s the only one I received, by the way. And since you are so kind, I will start working on the post this evening. You win!!! Many blessings to you and your lovely family.
      Peace in Christ,

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