I biffed it at Mass today. You?

I biffed it at Mass today. You?

Just a quick note to let you know that I blew it at Mass today.

It was my first opportunity to participate in the joys of the shiny new translation of the Mass, and I whiffed it right out of the gate.

I blame the squirming baby who gleefully pulled my hair as well as her dejected and crying older brother who wasn’t old enough to participate in Liturgy of the Word with his big sisters. They completely and totally threw me off my “A” game.

Sure, I prepared for the new translation of the Mass. Yes, I read articles. Indeed, I studied with other Catholic women. I believed I was as ready as I could be. I should have said, “And with your spirit.” I wanted to say, “And with your spirit.” But I was completely caught off guard and didn’t say it.

A special word of gratitude to my dear husband who, after I responded, “And also with you,” glared at me, shook his head in disbelief, and said, “You, of all people.”

But guess what?

God still loves me.

It was still a valid Mass. It was still beautiful, if a bit rocky in parts.

The Eucharist is still an amazing miracle that I am totally unworthy to receive (under my roof!).

I’ll do better (or not) next time, depending on what’s going around me.

All told, my misstep was a good reminder that, even with the best intentions, my plans can go to heck in a basket if I allow myself to be distracted. So, I’ll try harder next time.

And maybe, just maybe, the little ones will distract Daddy next Sunday. That would be truly right and just.


5 thoughts on “I biffed it at Mass today. You?

  1. I wonder how many people received a “glare” today at Mass? I am willing to bet there were more smiles then glares…especially for those that insisted on a hybrid between the old and the new response, “And ALSO with your spirit.” God bless.

  2. I think we all stumbled a bit. I was doing pretty well until the last “And with your spirit”. I may have said the hybrid Brian mentioned above. haha. Its hard to change old habits right away, especially with distractions!

    1. Well, shucks, ma’am – I thank ye kindly. Looks like I haven’t written a darn thing in quite a while. Perhaps it is time to do so once more … God bless!

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