Get behind me, satan

Get behind me, satan

Some days, it just seems like nothing is going right. You can almost see the world, the flesh, and the devil trying to steal the best of what’s left of you.

In these circumstances, I highly recommend you look that darn spirit of whatever-it-is (defeat, depression, frustration, anger, resentment, pain, sorrow, unforgiveness, addiction, exhaustion … whatever it is) RIGHT IN THE EYEBALLS, and, standing firmly in the knowledge that you are the beloved Child of the King of the Universe, say:

“You want a piece of me??!”

And if the spirit of whatever-it-is dares to counter with, “Yes – a piece of you. That is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!” You can calmly reply, “Sure thing, buddy. Sure thing. But first, you’re gonna have to go through Him …


… and her …


… and him …


… and allllll them …


… and, did I mention, especially Him …

The Resurrected Lord
(Yeah – The Resurrected Lord – you know, the One Who conquered sin and death. Ka-chow!!)

… and a bunch of other friends and loved ones here on Earth who are probably praying for me right this very moment. Soooo … if you still want to bring this fight to my door, to my family, to my Church …

… Go ahead. Make my day.
(Exchange that gun for a rosary, and you’ve got the only weapon you’ll ever need.)

Because, devil, I’ve been bought with the blood of the Lamb. You have no power here. You’re gonna have to steal my peace, my joy, and the unshakable Love of my Heavenly Father from my cold, dead hands.”

Get behind me, satan.


10 thoughts on “Get behind me, satan

    1. Awesome! We just have to *keep* fighting the good fight of faith. Sometimes I forget it is a good fight. :-/

    1. Indeed! I thought about tagging this as “humor,” but there’s nothing funny about spiritual warfare. Whatevs. I think God enjoys it when we laugh, even as it makes the devil cringe a smidge. 😉

  1. Whoooooo! Amen, girl! That was a barn burner if ever I read one. Good night and Merry Christmas!

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