#7QT: Needing prayer + beauty in the mess

#7QT: Needing prayer + beauty in the mess


There are so many things I want to write about in this space, but I just can’t. Yet.

The earth is moving, the sand is shifting, the color of the sky is deepening, and all that I survey is primed for change.

God is moving very powerfully and very quickly in our lives right now, but I still stand before y’all as a sinner – a fellow sojourner – a sister – a person in the need of some serious prayer.

And, when all is said and done, we need a miracle. We need grace to change, to move, and to act according to God’s will.

We cannot do it on our own.

So. We need a miracle. A legit supernatural intervention. We would so VERY much appreciate your prayers.


This little beauty landed on our patio door just before lunch yesterday, and stayed a good, long while. Undoubtedly this winged creature was rightfully intrigued and compelled by its biological instinct to hunt down the love bugs that have returned for their biannual frolic before the temperature gradually shifts downward. Anyway, Sweet Butterfly Friend was lovely, and we enjoyed her company while it lasted.


My dearest friend told me today that scientists have discovered that, prior to hatching, butterfly cocoons are filled with an oozy goo. It’s almost as if the caterpillar is completely liquified before being built up into its glorious new butterfly creation. She noted how perhaps our family’s time here has been our liquid time, preparing us for our impending metamorphosis. I choked up as I sincerely and unironically thanked her for being the protective covering around my ooze. It was a beautiful moment.


Fr. J, my military chaplain friend stationed in Alaska, sent me this shot of the Northern Lights early Thursday morning. It took my breath away.


More from Alaska …


And another …


Practicing detachment – from things, from people, from expectations, dreams, and desires – is challenging for me. It occurs to me that change, while inevitable, forces us to detach to one degree or another.

As St. Francis would tell his fellow brothers each morning, “Let us begin again.”

Indeed. Let us begin the new season of change.


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9 thoughts on “#7QT: Needing prayer + beauty in the mess

  1. I want to comment on this post, except I’m not sure what to say except that I was moved. Whatever is going on in your soul, you expressed it beautifully while leaving it a mystery.

  2. Your prayer request is so eloquent. Please be assured of my prayers….Miracles do happen, I have seen them in my own family. Also, Father Emmerich Vogt has a great cd series on detaching called “Detaching with Love”. It was a life changer for me.

    1. Ahhh … I do believe we actually OWN that cd series and I have never been able to find time to listen. Going to have to MAKE time now! Thanks so much, Emily, for your prayers especially, and for the suggestion! <3

  3. Praying for you, sweet new friend. Much love and hugs, and know that you’re on my “Adoration List” of prayer intentions this week!! Also, this — “thanked her for being the protective covering around my ooze” — is why I love you and why I wish Mobile were in Texas.

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