Praise His Name | Blessed is She

Praise His Name | Blessed is She

Happy Sunday, Friends! Today, I’m over at Blessed is She talking about one of my favorite things – praising God. Here’s a sneak peek:

During an endless day of chasing numerous children in myriad directions where the breakfast was burned, the coffee was cold, the toilet overflowed, the homework was lost, the van was iced over, the dinner wouldn’t cook, the husband had a late meeting, the important deadline was missed . . . there may be noises coming out of my mouth, but I can pretty much guarantee that none of them are joyful!

And yet, Scripture doesn’t say, “Make a joyful noise when life is perfect.” It doesn’t say, “Praise the Lord when you’re sufficiently caffeinated and everyone is calm and your house is pin-worthy.”

Read more here, and when you’re done, pick up a copy of the BiS Lenten Journal before they’re all gone!

May God abundantly bless you this week.

In Him,