Inspiring things for now + later {Link-up with #5Faves}

Inspiring things for now + later {Link-up with #5Faves}

Linking up today for the first time EVAH with #5Faves, hosted by sweet Jenna!

PicMonkey Collage

And awaaaay we gooo! From left to right:

1) Three words come to mind when I look at the crazy-awesome logos created for my under-construction site and this here blog by my amazingly talented new friend Erica at Be A Heart: Beautiful. Incredible. Mine. It’s enough to make a girl cry from joy.  Shhh … don’t tell anyone!

2) My pal Fr. J. recently traveled for a vacation + pilgrimage to Hawaii. Man. Some dudes have all the luck. Well, between the two of us, DH and I are celebrating some special stuff in 2016. So … I am hoping … and praying … and wishing … we can return to the place of our honeymoon next year. It is nice to reminisce …. and ponder the possibilities. #DreamBig

3) There are so many reasons I’m inspired by the #BISsisterhood right now – the daily devotions, the instagram photo challenges, the blog link-up – it truly is alllll good. If you’re in need of an authentic female Catholic community online, I invite you to check it out.

4) It takes courage, sometimes, just to live life – laundry, tantrums, misunderstandings, lack of motivation, soup on the floor and poop in the pants, having tough conversations, illness, feeling unappreciated/unloved/unseen, going to Adoration when I’m tempted to just go to sleep, staying off Facebook and skipping the chocolate. St. Teresa’s words inspire me to have courage for all the things (big and small) that come my way.

Renshaw Kids 022015

Annnnnd ….

5) Who wouldn’t be inspired by these happy smiling faces? A fun moment where everyone was contently slurping their smoothie at the mall last weekend. #BirthdayBonanza

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4 thoughts on “Inspiring things for now + later {Link-up with #5Faves}

  1. Woo hoo! First link up evah!

    When I first got to your site, I thought, “Man, adorable graphics!” So, I totally agree with you on that one 😉 And, I am working my way through Lent with BIS – the emails and the journal. What great tools!

    Thank you for linking up! xo

  2. Thanks so much for the new podcast idea:). Have you listed to any of the SQPN shows? Father Roderick is celebrating 10 years of catholic podcasting thus month. I like listening to Father Roderick because he is a priest in the Netherlands and educates me on the global catholic perspective. Also, I think giving up Facebook has been such a cleansing experience for me, I don’t think I will ever go back to the amount I was on it before. I gave it up actually before lent, so it is not part of my lent fasting. I can’t wait to hear your announcement tomorrow:)

    1. You know, I definitely know who Fr. Roderick is from Twitter, but I’ve never listened to his podcast! Shame on me! I will check it out. And I agree whole-heartedly about the cleansing nature of time away from FB. Truly, it has been eye-opening for me. And … I am so excited about the announcement, too!!! Eeeek!!! <3

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