Easter’s Over … Now What? {New Post}

Easter’s Over … Now What? {New Post}

East800px-2008-06-18_Fettreif-Schoggihaseer Mass has ended and everyone is still alive. The big meal was prepared, eaten, and is (mostly) digested. Fancy dresses and suits have hopefully (but perhaps not likely) made their way into the dirty clothes hamper. Family members and friends have said their goodbyes and headed home, and the chocolate bunny is wondering where his ears and tail went. Oops.

ALLELUIA, EVERYONE! We made it! Easter is over!!

Well, hold on. Not exactly.

Read more of my very first contribution (bells, whistles, fanfare, hooplah!) for CatholicMom.com here!

Happy Easter and ALLELUIA, y’all!



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    1. We’re using a pretty turquoise blue candle I won playing Bunco last month. LOL. Gotta keep things real if I’m gonna make things happen. God bless you and thanks so much for stopping by!

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