Keepin’ it real, Immediate Care version

Keepin’ it real, Immediate Care version

Hiya. Just hanging out at Immediate Care with a hacking cough that just doesn’t want to go away.  

Hate the gown, not the patient

I’m here because I need to practice what I preach and take care of myself, right?! And even though I don’t have a 102-degree fever anymore, the coughing keeps me and Mr. Fix-It up at night against our will, has woken up children, gives me a crazy-painful migraine every day, and makes my chest and back muscles ache.

Oh! And I can sing tenor 2 parts no problem these days. That is, when my voice will actually work.

I’m sure it’s nothing.


I’m sort of a “better safe than sorry” Mom with my kids, health-wise, and I was told by a good friend that I deserve the same for my own health (I still think she was probably just perturbed that I couldn’t go :32 without coughing during our conversation today).

But also.

I have a singing engagement at church Thursday (<< that’s two days). And studio time to record promo spots Friday. And cantoring for Vigil Mass Saturday. And radio shows to record and a brunch to host in two weeks, a special dinner to attend, and a women’s conference to coordinate at the end of next month. 

And several writing deadlines. Oh, and NBD  – five children to raise.


So. I know it’s not like a car accident or a death or any MONUMENTALLY tough situation, but, y’all? You’re praying folk, right? If you’re already chatting with the Good Lord, would you throw up a prayer for me? And also for my long-suffering husband? Poor dude had to put up with me and all of this on his four days off. 

Thank you. Much obliged.

And if there’s any way – any way at all – I can pray for you, please feel free to leave your intentions in the comm box! I got you! ❤️?


One of the cool things about hanging out in Catholic medical facilities.


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