31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Sunday (Day 4)

31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Sunday (Day 4)

Happy Sunday!

I thought I’d give you a peek into how we spend the Lord’s Day as a family. But first, here’s what an ideal day of rest looks like:

  1. Attend Holy Mass together; everyone is so well-behaved (with no meltdowns, no WWE impersonations, and no parade-o-trips-to-the-bathroom) that the priest provides the whole family with celebratory donuts that don’t cause unwieldy sugar rushes, subsequent crashes, or weight gain.
  2. Enjoy family time doing something together that fills everyone with great joy. There is no bickering, whining, begging, cheating, or otherwise troublesome behavior noted from the adults or the children.
  3. Everyone takes a nice, restful snooze that doesn’t make them cranky or unable to go to bed at a reasonable time later that evening.
  4. Meals make themselves.
  5. Cleaning up? Don’t be silly! That’s why God made forest creatures!
  6. Bedtime is a breeze, with everyone reading diligently above their grade levels, followed by each saying heart-felt yet non-rambling prayers that are surely heard at the Throne of Heaven because, darn it all, we have all been so very good and have enjoyed a MARVELOUS DAY!
  7. Sleep comes easily and meaningfully. For the children, as well, of course.

Annnnd …. here’s what our Sunday usually looks like:

  1. Go to Mass and sit together until someone has to take the 2-year-old out and/or the 4-year-old has to pee for the third time, whichever comes next.
  2. Fend off kids begging for a donut after Mass with promises of a yummy brunch at home!
  3. Make and eat brunch after Mass.
  4. Enjoy family time until someone asks to watch TV or use the computer (usually about three minutes in).
  5. Hold off on allowing screen time until the fifth kid asks for the 122nd time.
  6. Fall asleep on the couch for a while while kids watch something on TV – preferably Veggie Tales or The Sound of Music or something else edifying and uplifting.
  7. Throw something easy together for dinner.
  8. Clean up most of the kitchen with the kids’ help.
  9. Get everyone down to bed at a reasonable hour so the parents can watch sports highlights (Mr. Fix-It) and work on all the computery things (me).

And here’s what today looked like, actually:

Please don't make fun of me. I'm not an artist, and I don't even play one on my blog.
Please don’t make fun of me. I’m not an artist, and I don’t even play one on my blog.
Okay. So, it wasn’t that bad. But it did involve several round-trips to church  for Mass, volleyball, volleyball, volleyball and choir practice. I am telling you – “death by mini-van” may very well be on my death certificate. There was also a birthday party, and one trip to Urgent Care for good measure since the 7-year-old decided to shove this in his ear:

Lego pic
I’m so excited to see how much this Lego piece is really worth once we get the Urgent Care bill!
One of my online friends remarked, “Sometimes it seems to me that parenthood is just a string of, ‘What were you thinking?! moments.” #preach. Which made me wonder if that’s how God sees me … #yes #almostalways

Anyway, we did attend Mass as a family, we did eat a yummy brunch with scrambled eggs and pumpkin spice biscuits

Sunday brunch

and we did see a heckuvaLOT of volleyball this weekend.  Volleyball

I’m wondering what your Sunday was like today, friends. What things do you do on this day that fill you with joy?

Until tomorrow,



5 thoughts on “31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Sunday (Day 4)

  1. Replace “soccer” with volleyball and no urgent care runs…this weekend…and ours look pretty much like yours! Love the “I wonder if that’s how God sees me” reflection. I needed that as I get ready to face my blessed day with my big gang.

    1. I’ve been pondering how to reclaim our Sundays but it is tough with sports. I pray you have a wonderful week with your crew, Jenny! ?

  2. I LOVE your drawing. πŸ™‚ It is always incredible to me why kids think it is a good idea to shove tiny objects into their orifices. We did a corn kernel up the nose not too long ago.
    Our Sunday was mostly spent inside as the first cold of the season has struck. Finding joy in the fact that I didn’t have to drive all over yesterday to outside activities as was planned? πŸ˜‰

    1. Aw, thanks. ☺️ So sorry about the cold!! ? but glad you were able too look on the bright side. ?? As far as the Lego is concerned, I’m drawing solace from the fact that it’s the first thing to be stuck like this in 12+ years of parenting. So. Winning? ?

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