31 Days of Unexpected Joy: The Alphabet Version (Day 9)

31 Days of Unexpected Joy: The Alphabet Version (Day 9)


Today’s unexpected joy is brought to you by Seven Quick Takes Friday (aka SQTF) and The Visitation Project (aka TVP). Specifically, this post is a SQTF re: TVP. Hence, the alphabet version.

Annnnd before I lose (even more of) you, away we go!


TVP on itunes (2)

That’s right – The Visitation Project is now on ITunes! I can barely believe it myself … it took quite a bit longer than I planned, but I am so grateful that we’re up and running and will be even more satisfied when all our previously broadcast shows are available for y’all to hear whenever and wherever you are. Woo hoo! So! much! yay!


My diligent co-host, Bonnie, has been burning the midnight oil getting individual episode notes up for your reading pleasure on the TVP website. If you have a chance to thank her, please do. It’s an awful lot of work, but she has stuck it out. Here’s one of the “extras” you’ll see when you hop over to visit.




I love this picture of the three of us co-hosts, and it’s not just because I look so tan and rested (I am really, really not tan, nor am I every actually rested in real life, so while I dunno exactly what happened with this shot #amazinglighting #supersweetfilter, I like it). Anyway, Bonnie, Rebecca, and I were so ready to rock and roll our first round of recording, and I love the looks of enthusiasm, excitement, and sheer joy on our faces.



Flash forward two days. By the time we completed our first marathon recording session, it was time for a much-deserved break. At our celebratory wrap dinner, I convinced the gals to join me in taking an oyster shot. I don’t remember exactly how I talked them into it, but I can promise that little to no alcohol or bribery was involved. My first oyster shot was at this place during college (which, by the way, is still, I believe, the only public bar located on government-owned land), and they sort of grew on me. Not a hard thing to do when you’ve had a couple of drinks. Anyhoo, I hadn’t had one in quite a long time because my husband is, I think, grossed out (as is, admittedly, any number of the general population), but I thought it was good. Fun times!


In the studio

This shot, from our second recording round in August, is incredible because a) Rebecca is wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt #rad and b) we all have smiles on our faces. What’s the big deal with all of you smiling? you might ask. Well, consider: poor Bonnie was suffering from incredibly difficult morning / all day sickness; Rebecca had a weird bug that had her puking on the plane home to Dallas; and I was still recovering from the worst case of bronchitis I’ve ever had. So, smiling was hard but we did it.


We’re hoping to have some TVP products in the store in time for, dare I say, Christmas shopping?? Maybe? Please don’t hold me to it #bigdreams, but so far we have promotional bookmarks. Let me know if you want one. LOL 😉

TVP Bookmark


Methinks we reallllly need a TVP newsletter. Yes? Yes. We do. I need to quit procrastinating and just make that puppy happen. Yes? Yes.

Okay … that is enough SQT / TVP JOY for one day, IMHO. I pray you have a fabulous evening and I’ll see y’all again tomorrow! Oh, and PS – Catch up with all the other alphabet people over at the magnanimous Kelly Mantoan’s link-up!



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  1. Congrats!!! That’s so cool! I wish I had the confidence to have my own podcast and show! I really must follow yours! It’s so beautiful to see someone doing something they love!

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