31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Gifts (Day 26)

31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Gifts (Day 26)

So, I think there are two kinds of people in this world: those who like surprises, and those who do not. Guess which I am?

Yes, yes, I love surprises. And so, tonight, it is my absolute (and unexpected!) joy to share a very, very beautiful and fun surprise with you. I thought I was going to be posting about the unexpected joy of order tonight, but God (and my sweet friend Meg) had other ideas.

I will not apologize in advance, but I will warn you: a sizable photo dump ensues from the marvelous spiritual art care package I received via snail mail mere minutes ago. I knew I was in for a treat when I saw the return address label:

12177996_10206722352550282_2099604097_n (2)

12188552_10206722032022269_2071781377_n (1)

I haven’t known Miss Meg for very long, but she messaged me when she saw my “Life is Beautiful” post on FB, I believe. Meg wrote to tell me that she was so moved by my words that she wanted to offer me a gift from her shop to commemorate my birthday. I thought she was so very sweet. And then I plum forgot to follow up with her on her offer. How very me of me.

Anyway, we did finally connect, and I was so impressed by the items I received (The Memorare, below, as well as The Hail Mary Prayer and ABCs) that I asked her if she’d be interested in collaborating for the (at the time) upcoming Catholic Women Rejoice conference.

12007120_10206474607476810_1988590246_n (2)

Thankfully, she said, “Yes,” and not only created the cover art for our program, she provided signed mini-prints of the cover art for each of our attendees!

CWR2015Prg1_HRenshaw (2)

11880469_10206291211292020_1483650173_n (2)

I was so impressed by Meg’s generosity of spirit, her humility, and her openness to the promptings of the Holy Spirit that I invited her to work with me on next year’s conference, too. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Anyway, back to the care package … I was like a kid in a candy store – ripping at the package:

12179531_10206722353670310_206826631_n (2)

I knew Meg was working on a Liturgical calendar, and … she sent it!!

12179993_10206722354110321_1019470161_n (2)

I’m planning on sharing more about the calendar itself next week, so you’ll just have to wait. 🙂 However, in true Meg form, she sent other amazing goodies as well! Here’s the front view:


And the back view:


And close-ups, clockwise from the upper left!

Flowers/St. Faustina quote bookmark:



Houses/Mother Angelica quote bookmark:



Butterflies+flowers/C.S. Lewis Humility quote bookmark:



Geometric stained glass/Divine Mercy (Diary of St. Faustina quote) bookmark:



Periwinkle+leaves flowers/Edith Stein bookmark:



Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas for a Holy Life card

12188303_10206722027342152_1812101811_n - Copy

12180202_10206722027222149_2110712228_n - Copy

Fortitude card:



And, last but not least, an Act of Consecration card with Miraculous Medal:



It is so wonderful to see someone with such amazing gifts using those gifts to glorify God and to encourage others. I was just overwhelmed by the generosity and beauty before me … and simply humbled.

Please go check out my friend’s shop. I promise you won’t be disappointed, whether you purchase a gift for yourself or for someone else.

Until tomorrow, may God bless y’all with abundant joy.


PS – BTW, Meg neither asked for nor knows that I’m writing this post, but I hope that an uptick in her orders by generous souls such as yourself will make her glad that I did. 😉 –hr


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