Whatever you do, PLEASE read this!

Whatever you do, PLEASE read this!

I know, I know. I’m the world’s worst blogger! I wrote every. single. day. last October, and then … I think I must have hit some sort of mental block posting quota.

Mea culpa. 

Never fear – I will (hopefully) be posting more regularly soon, but for now, you may be wondering what in the world would compel me to break my 9+ week blogging drought?

33 Days to Merciful Love cover.jpg



Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. ORDER THIS BOOK. NOW. PLEASE. Pretty please.

33 Days to Morning Glory was such a huge game-changer for my spiritual life, I can only imagine what amazing fruit will come from Fr. Michael Gaitley’s latest offering.

While you can read the book and do the at-home or with-a-friend or with-a-group retreat at any time, the first “official” retreat begins March 1 and ends with Consecration on Divine Mercy Sunday. I cannot imagine a better way to spend those 33 days! Click here for more information.

And, what’s more, the Marians of the Immaculate Conception (Fr. Gaitley’s order) are offering this book for a small donation plus $5.25 – the shipping cost – for a limited time!

To clarify: this is NOT an affiliate post. I’m not making anything when you order the book. I simply want each and every one of you to know about it. Also, if you’re reading this and hear the Holy Spirit’s prompting to prayerfully participate yet genuinely cannot afford $5.25, would you please let me know?

God bless y’all and may Lenten blessings abound!

In Christ and His Mercy,


P.S. I’m speaking at a sold-out retreat this weekend in the area – if you could say a quick prayer for me and the women attending, I would be so grateful! xo –h