Ripped from the headlines: Bring on the so-called “Catholic” guilt 

Ripped from the headlines: Bring on the so-called “Catholic” guilt 

 Catholic guilt – it’s not just for punchlines and therapist’s offices anymore, my friends.

Now, I’m not talking about undue guilt. Some of us scrupulous types could very well drive ourselves and others crazy by making mountains out of molehills, blaming ourselves for others’ wrongdoing, or imagining troubles that don’t, in fact, exist. It is also not healthy to walk around wondering when we’re going to “mess up” next, or to hold on to feelings of guilt for sins absolved upon making Sacramental Confession and doing our penance.
What I’m talking about is a healthy awareness that we’ve erred and need to amend our ways. Not only is it not bad to feel guilty when we’ve done something wrong, it is good! Feelings of authentic, God-given guilt are the proper response of one’s well-formed conscience telling him or her that something isn’t as God intended it to be. It means we have a clear understanding of our need for redemption – and a Redeemer.

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