Blessed Am I: An update and an invitation

Blessed Am I: An update and an invitation

Happy Thursday, friends! It’s been an especially busy and fruitful season for ye olde Real Catholic Mom. Not necessarily for this here blog, as you may have noticed; this poor thing tends to be relegated to the sidelines whenever Mom’s dance card is full with family, conference, retreatconference, retreat, and convention. Woof.

As much as I absolutely love traveling and sharing The Good News with other women and experiencing incredible, Holy Spirit-infused Visitation moments (#myjamforlife), there’s something rather precious and sweet about having nothing (okay, well, almost nothing) on my calendar leading into the holidays except for “normal” Wife-of-one-and-Mom-of-five stuff, which, quite honestly, is plenty for any soul, especially a former (ugh! I cannot tell a lie!) current Martha-holic like me with uniquely challenging and beautiful children like ours. I feel like these blessed blanks on my calendar are God’s way of gently guiding me closer to hearth and home, allowing Him to expertly guide this busy ship to shore for a bit of leave.

My challenge: To honor the blanks and not rush to fill them to overflowing like the recovering human doing that I am.

But y’all must know by now that I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t share a bit of what’s coming up, and they are good things, friends – very good things. To that end, here are my personal invitations to you and yours:


Please join me LIVE for my very first online workshop with the wonderful Blessed is She ministry next Wednesday. The workshop, called Living Abundantly Through Forgiveness and Healing, streams live at 6 p.m. PST // 9 p.m. EST or can be downloaded after the event closes if the live time doesn’t work with your schedule. My prayer is that you’ll leave the session encouraged and strengthened to completely release any nagging bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness behind so you may close out this glorious Year of Mercy with a renewed sense of healing and wholeness.

Speaking of slowing down and digging deep … Advent is coming. I know, I know. But! As with everything, it is an opportunity to draw closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. From the Blessed is She website:

You want to dive deeper into the season of Advent, you desire to lay aside the busy-ness this season can become, and you yearn for a deeper relationship with our Lord. Here is your chance. Here is your time to grow closer to Him, to learn more about Him, and to fall more in love with Him. “Together, let’s prepare our hearts and our very lives for the coming of the Baby.” // Elizabeth Foss, author of By the Manger in the Morning Prayer Journal

***Please note: Clicking through to the BIS website via the above image or the hyperlinked title financially benefits, in a small yet meaningful way, my friend and fellow prayer warrior/speaker/writer/uplifter, Mary Lenaburg. Thank you kindly for your generosity!

For local friends, I’ll be at St. Cecilia Parish again this year for their Women With Spirit Advent Recollection on Tuesday, December 6th at 7 p.m. Stay tuned for more details!

Finally, dear friends – would you please pray for me? The Holy Spirit has really been working on my heart these past few months, and even more intensely these past few weeks. I want to be able to be still (neither my best nor my most natural posture) to listen to and, more importantly, cooperate, with His leading.

Until next time, please know of my prayers with and for you.



8 thoughts on “Blessed Am I: An update and an invitation

  1. Ah, blessed space. Not filling-up the blanks on the calendar. This has been on my heart lately, too. But it takes a lot of effort not overfill the schedule!

    Btw, loved your talk at the ACCW conference. Ended up having change of plans and didn’t get to meet up with you gals over breakfast the next morning, but I’d love to connect another time…

    Totally signing up for your webinar and, in fact, I’m finally going to bite the bullet and become a BIS member. There’s just too many awesome-looking webinars and I can’t resist any longer! 😉

    1. It was so great to meet you IRL last weekend, Veronica – thanks to you and your mom for being so sweet!

      You are absolutely RIGHT. It does take effort to not do anything!! I should just write STAAAAHHHP in dry erase marker on my bathroom mirror as a reminder. ? How do *you* take the overcommitment beast??

      Please do c’mon over to the BIS workshop and say hello! It would be wonderful to see you again! ❤️

      1. Better yet, I need “STOP” written on my hand… the one I use to write in my planner or type appointments into my phone. 🙂

        I’ve found I have to *plan* to space. (Why yes, I am an obsessive planner, how did you guess?) The problem is, I’m not very good at doing that. Even if I say I’m going to leave some slots blank on the calendar, I end up filling them.

        The ONE thing that’s held me accountable is signing up for an Adoration hour. I *have* to be there during my hour because if I’m not, Jesus get reposed to the tabernacle and unscheduled Adorers who show up during that time will be deprived of seeing Him!

        For some people, that could feel like too much pressure, but I for me, feeling that responsibility to others makes me go without fail. That’s not to say I go only out of obligation- some days I *crave* that time with Our Lord… in fact, just last week I *had* (as in, felt compelled) to spend time with Him in Adoration every single day (yeah, it was a rough week!)

        Eventually, I’d like to get better at holding space in my heart for Jesus wherever I am, but for now, going to the chapel and sitting in Adoration is one way that I’m plan space in my week.

        1. Oops! Shouldn’t write posts when I’m getting kids ready for school, LOL.

          That should say “the space” not “too space.” And also “I’m planning space” not “I’m plan space”.

        2. Yes! I have to plan space, too, just like any other appointment, to be sure it happens. It goes against my “free flowing” “spontaneous” “creative” spirit, but dang if it isn’t much more likely to happen when I plan it! Also, as a busy Mom, I have to remind myself that these times are as important (dare I say ‘sacred’?) as if it were a child’s or spouse’s doctor appointment.

          I love that there is a “positive” peer pressure of sorts with the assigned Adoration hour, and I love that Adoration is a place where you plan space for your week. I can’t think of a much better place to spend my time!

          Oh, the tricks we have to play with our brains on this path to holiness …

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