Fear not! Advent help is here! (+ giveaway)

Fear not! Advent help is here! (+ giveaway)

Advent begins in six. days. Y’all. SIX.

I wish I was joking. But I’m as serious as a profound case of Vitamin D deficiency right now. SIX. 

Personally, I’m sure I will be scrambling to get some half-way decent Advent decorations up on Sunday afternoon before we have company over for dessert, and it won’t be pretty:

Where’s the Advent wreath? Why is it bent into the shape of a trombone??!

Why does this purple candle look like someone took a bite out of it? It’s a candle, people, not an apple!!

What have I told you about opening up Day 24 of the Advent Calendar on Day One of Advent??!


(Side note: While I cannot vouch for the rest of the comedian’s content, this particular video about house cleaning before company comes is SPOT ON and hiLARious. My belly jiggled like Santa’s I was laughing so hard.)

(Side note #2: Those of you who read through this post ’til the end will be rewarded. 🙂

There is good news, though, friends. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the impending holiday season, there is always good news. The good news in my world this year is that I don’t have to scramble for something to help me draw closer to the manger as I await the Christ Child this year. I am so very, very excited to dive into Scripture with the incomparable Elizabeth Foss, who wrote Blessed is She’s amazing Advent Journal.

Used with permission by Gina @ Someday Saints

Not only is this journal beautiful to behold, my friends, but its contents … ahhhhhh! The contents I’ve allowed myself to peek at are like a warm cup of cocoa with your snuggie pulled to your chin sitting in your most comfortable chair on a chilly day with no one bothering you. It’s that good, y’all. Better, even. I can.not. wait to start. In fact, I am giving myself a teeeeensy weeeensy longer sneak peek tonight. Not too much. Just a taste. Because I, for one, want to savor and remember and really live the most important part of this season – that Jesus was born for you. And for me.

This Advent, I want to be overwhelmed by a huge God who came as a tiny Babe and Who knows me intimately*.

Will you join me? Today is THE last day to purchase in the U. S. for your journal to arrive in time for Advent.

So … no more anxiety about Advent, okay? Let’s breathe deeply the present of this time of waiting. Let’s journey together and breathe Him in.

*Be overwhelmed by a huge God Who knows you intimately. -Elizabeth Foss

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through this post to purchase the Blessed is She Advent Journal, a small portion of the proceeds go to my friend and fellow writer/speaker Mary Lenaburg. Thank you!

And now, as promised, here’s even more good news for you who’ve made it this far! Any RCM readers (please be sure to subscribe on the sidebar of my home page!) who click through and purchase the BIS Advent Journal through Mary Lenaburg’s affiliate links in this post (see above) between now and tomorrow, November 22nd at 5 p.m. PST will be entered to win their very own pack of original Blessed is She Jesse Tree Calendar cards! I used my own cards as a daily meditation last year with my family each day of Advent. So good!! Comment away, friends! One randomly selected winner will be announced*** on Wednesday, November 23rd.


***UPDATE 11/23/2016: Congratulations to Sofia B.! She won the Blessed is She Jesse Tree cards. Happy Advent one and all!



7 thoughts on “Fear not! Advent help is here! (+ giveaway)

  1. I have had my eye on the Jesse Tree cards ever since I came across the blessed is she Instagram page! They were from last year. I at first thought they were so pretty, and didn’t understand truly what the were for. Now, thanks to Blessed is She, I have a such greater understanding of God’s love, and mercy for me. I spread kindness, and compassion, to everyone I come across thanks to the devotions I see. It’s as if ever one of them is directed towards me! I rarely hear “advent”, other than at mass when I go, and would LOVE these cards to help bring in my mom, and family. I would make us reflect on them daily, and am so very eager to!!! I want to continue learning, and grow with Christ in me. I am so EXCITED to receive my advent journal!!!! I barely got a job this past month, and did not have the money for the Jesse tree cards, that’s why when I saw your post I felt so thrilled, and it was as if God was giving me a second chance at this!!! I asked my boyfriend to buy the journal for me, and of course he said yes! I am praying that I am the random winner! I know God is also in favor of my best interest. Whoever wins, only God knows why!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity, and God bless you for devoting your life out to Christ, and spreading His goodness. You are such a great role model. May God bless you always!!!!❤️❤️❤️

    1. Dear Sofia, may God graciously bless you as you journey ever more closely toward His Son in the manger this Advent season. ❤️

    2. Congratulations, Sofia – you WON!! Please send me your mailing address – RealCatholicMom (@) gmail (dot) com – and I will mail the Jesse Tree Advent Cards right away! God bless you. -H

    1. Yes, it’s not pretty, but it (usually) gets done. 😀 Thanks for stopping by, Ginny! I hope you enjoy your lovely BIS journal!!

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