Top 10 RCM posts of 2016!

Top 10 RCM posts of 2016!


It likely comes as a surprise to just about no one that math and I have never been, nor ever will be, BFFs. Once upon a time, I vowed not to do math in public, and, in turn, math promised to leave me to peacefully play with my letters and make babbling sounds. But. There is something about statistics that intrigue me. And I am equal parts attracted to and scared of lists generated by stats. I get swept up in the magnetic “10 Best Ways to _____” and “Top 3 skills that can _____” lists with the best of ’em. I suppose online marketers love that about me.

Anyway, this here post isn’t exactly a “how to” or a “make it all shiny” list, but it is a list. And math was used to determine the order of the list. I hope y’all find some of it fun, enlightening, or inspirational. Or uplifting. Or useful. Or insert one of your top 5 favorite adjectives here.

Without further ado, here it is – POSTAPALOOZA 2016: The Top 10 RCM posts of the past year according to you, my dear readers. Let me know in the comments if I missed one of your faves from ’16, and if we get a good enough group of posts going, I’ll corral those into a list as well! Squeee!

10. I’m running away, y’allSeptember 16

9. Fear not! Advent help is here! (+ giveaway)November 22

8. Pleasing God vs. pleasing people – October 3

7. No, YOU’RE sad that the Jubilee Year of Mercy is endingNovember 20

6. When people throw shade on your Jesus shineOctober 10

5. It’s Halloween. Again. [insert eyeroll emoji here]October 31

4. Dear Lonely Mom: you are not aloneJuly 18

3. Why I can’t quit August 5

2. Retreat with Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLTAugust 24

1. I wasn’t able to forgive my husband – until I gave myself a giftDecember 20

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God bless y’all,