C2L 2014 speaking
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Heather Renshaw:

Speaker // MC // Retreat Master

The good LORD blessed me with a big heart and an even bigger mouth (ha, ha). I thank Him every day that I am finally (mostly!) using both for His greater glory and to build up the Kingdom. I would be honored to speak at your next event. For a complete list of previous events and possible topics, please shoot me an email and we’ll discuss amongst ourselves!

Meanwhile, here’s what some kind and lovely people have said about my ministry. To God be the glory.

“Heather Renshaw has been given a special gift for speaking. She offers fascinating insights with a powerful, dynamic delivery that leaves her audience riveted. If you’re wondering if you should bring Heather to your event, the answer is YES.” -Jennifer Fulwiler, best-selling Author & Radio Host

“What I love about Heather Renshaw is that she is deeply humble. She approaches others with an authentic desire to love and to serve, and this desire comes shining through her presentations. Heather speaks from the heart, with humor and humility, in a way that touches and inspires those who hear her. She has a gift for meeting women where they are and uplifting and encouraging them with beauty, grace, and joy. A true gift to the Church!”  -Danielle Bean, Writer & Speaker

“Heather Renshaw is a breath of fresh air — vibrant, funny, wise, and relatable. The minute she steps onto a stage, she captivates her audience, making them feel comforted, encouraged, and ready to follow God wherever he might lead them.”Hallie Lord, Author & Radio Host


September 28-29: Heart of JMJ Foundation Women’s Conference in San Angelo, Texas

October 6: Called to Love in Mobile, Alabama

October 13: Fiat Conference in Southern California

October 19-21: Women’s Retreat in Klamath Falls, Oregon

October 2018: Book Launch Party for DEATH BY MINIVAN! Be the first to know – sign up for my newsletter!

February 2019: WHOLEHEARTED19 Women’s Conference in Spokane, Washington

March 9, 2019: Women’s Lenten Retreat in Vancouver, Washington

For a list of past events, click here!


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