31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Dreams (Day 3)

31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Dreams (Day 3)

Wherever there are dreams, there is joy, Jesus is always present. (2)

I love this quote from Pope Francis, taken in New York last week as he addressed children gathered to greet him in Harlem. I’ve had plenty of dreams, wishes, and goals in my day, but I never really thought of dreams as a source of joy, per se. I guess they would have to be, if Jesus was present in them, right? What an interesting concept! It seems as though Papa Francis is saying that, wherever joy is present, so is God. That makes a lot of sense to me, as God is in anything that is good, true, and beautiful.

Question to ponder today: how has God turned your dreams into sources of joy in your life? I’d love to know. 🙂

Until tomorrow, God bless y’all.