Support a Catholic Speaker Month: Rosalind Moss

Support a Catholic Speaker Month: Rosalind Moss

Support a Catholic Speaker Month

When Matt Warner over at “Fallible Blogma” suggested bloggers write about their favorite Catholic speakers for Support a Catholic Speaker Month, I was excited to be a part of it. I couldn’t believe how many amazing speakers there were to chose from! I quickly requested to write about Rosalind Moss, an apologist whom I’d listened to for several years via our local radio station, but admittedly knew little about.

Then life got in the way. Y’know: rowdy, messy, busy, crazy, combustible LIFE that leaves very little time for other important stuff, like … blogging.

And the even MORE interesting “bump in the road,” as it were, is that my “speaker,” Rosalind Moss, isn’t even really a speaker anymore! But that’s where things get really interesting, so, while I won’t get into all the details, I will give you the basics, then ask you to please pray for Rosalind as she travels down the new path Our Lord has led her on.

Rosalind was a Jewish girl growing up the Bronx, New York when she decided, through a series of events, to convert to Evangelical Protestant Christianity. Ultimately, Rosalind answered the Lord’s call all the way home to the Roman Catholic Church. You can read Rosalind’s conversion story in her own words by picking up “Honey in the Rock: 16 Jews Find the Sweetness of Christ” or watch excerpts from Rosalind’s talk at theLift Jesus Higher rally on The Choices We Face, episode #0806 from 2008.

Rosalind has often said that being Catholic is the most Jewish someone could be, as Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of God’s promise to the Jews for a Messiah. Incidentally, her brother, David, runs the Association for Hebrew Catholics.

Since her conversion to Catholicism, Rosalind has been a powerhouse apologist, working with none other than Catholic Anwers, Karl Keating’s apostolate for Catholic apologetics and evangelization. She currently appears twice monthly on “From the Heart,” through Catholic Answers, which is where I first became aware of her life and work. Additionally, Rosalind has edited a book of Jewish conversion stories, and authored a Bible study based on the Gospel of Luke. Until recently, she traveled extensively as an in-demand Catholic speaker.

Despite these contributions and various other accomplishments, Rosalind’s greatest undertaking, arguably, is underway. In 2008, Rosalind announced that she was founding a new order of religious sisters in St. Louis, MO with the permission of then-Archbishop Raymond Burke called the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope. The as-yet-to-be-formalized order has reportedly entertained numerous inquiries from dozens of interested women.

Currently, Rosalind is undergoing a year of novitiate formation in Massachusetts with the Visitation Nuns prior to returning to St. Louis to lead her new order. I’m excited to hear more about it.

So, while you may not currently engage with Rosalind Moss as a Catholic “speaker,” you can – and I hope you will – join me in prayer for Rosalind as she begins this new chapter of service and evangelization for the Roman Catholic Church.

To read more about Rosalind’s new endeavor, check out a wonderful interview with Rosalind from the Saint Louis Catholic’s blog in March 2008.

St. Frances de Sales, pray for us!

“Offer it up!” huh??!

“Offer it up!” huh??!

You have a headache, your kids are running wild, your car won’t start, you don’t get the promotion you were hoping for. Many cradle Catholics grew up hearing the response “offer it up” to their complaints, both large and small.

I’m looking for answers to the following questions: How does one go about explaining this practice/concept (and its efficacy) to Protestants? What about an easy way to explain it to your kids?

I’ll post responses that are #1: theologically sound (scripturally-based or have roots in early Church Fathers’ writings) and #2: are easy enough for us “non-theologian” types to understand (this will be especially helpful when I’m trying to explain the concept to children).

Thanks in advance for your help! I’m “offering up” the patience needed ’til I get your responses *right now*!

Pax Christi.