Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

... drumroll, please ...
… drumroll, please …
Congratulations to Jennifer, a super sweet blog reader who just won the most recent Real Catholic Mom giveaway as part of our Celebrating Real Catholic Women series!

Jennifer, please send your snail mail address to: RealCatholicMom {at} gmail {dot} com and you’ll receive your signed copy of Rebecca Frech‘s book in the mail.

Many blessings to you, Jennifer! Keep fighting the good fight of faith.

In Christ,


P.S. Stay tuned for another episode in the Celebrating Real Catholic Women series, with a special offer from our guest!



When the ginormous thunder boomers hit town earlier this week, I thought the worst case scenario would be an endless parade of wakeful children piling into our bedroom in the middle of the night, resulting in Project Coffee IV Drip the next day.

That's what they tell me.
That’s what they tell me.
It was worse.

You guys. We lost our Internet connection and our landline. THE WORSTEST!

Ree ree ree ree!
And, to make things even more craptastic, I couldn’t find my phone. Granted, it’s not a smartphone, but still. Here are my seven quickish takes on LIFE WITHOUT THE INTERNET.

— 1 —

Here’s a pictorial representation of the metaphorical Zombie Apocalypse which, regardless what Calah says, is happening right now. I realized that, with an internet connection, I sometimes look a lot. like. this. Gross.

The Zombie Apocalypse, folks. I mean it.
The Zombie Apocalypse, folks. For realz.

— 2 —

Here’s the note I had to handwrite – with a pen no less – to our kids’ principal because I couldn’t just dash off a quick email last night or this morning:

It's only the first full week of school and I've contacted the principal twice. I rule.
It’s only the first full week of school and I’ve contacted the principal twice. I rule.

— 3 —

Here’s the great book I tried to give away here, then had to adjust expectations here because of aforementioned lack of connectivity. Lucky you – there’s still time to enter. 🙂

The wonderful book in question!
The wonderful book in question!

— 4 —

Here’s how I was able to see who signed up for the homeschool field trip I scheduled tomorrow, and how I was able to view homework and event updates via my kids’ school’s online system:

Oh, the humanity!!!!!!
Oh, the humanity!!!!!!

— 5 —

Here’s how I listened to Catholic radio, checked and sent e-mail, perused Facebook, Twitter, online prayer requests, event registration totals, and etc. ad nauseum, et al:

Nothing, I tell you!!

Annnnnnd …

— 6 —

Here’s the time I spent on fun math word stories (FIVE CHAPTERS’ WORTH) with my homeschooler, and here is dinner on time and all the dishes almost completely done and the kids bathed and me going outside and weeding the front flowerbed and then meeting the new neighbors and actually reading a really good book for fun.

Okay. I admit. It was pretty cool.
Okay. I admit. It was pretty cool.

— 7 —

Truth time. While I have never been officially diagnosed as addicted to anything, I can imagine my perma-jones for wifi recently (complete with eye twitches and tightening chest as I desperately whine at random passers-by: “Duuuude, I gotta log innnn!”) might be a sign of something, well, slightly problematic.

This involuntary radio silence that was like a big, dark, truthful mirror: I am attached, dependent upon, perhaps a teensy bit, um, reliant, and perhaps a smidgen, dare I say, addicted to the world wide web.

Duh. I like the Web.

So. There it is.

I promise to look at my online habits and try to dial it down a notch if you promise not to throw this post in my face every time I complain about not having enough time. Oh, and you also can’t tell my husband I think I have a problem. Deal?

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So much awesome: Series launch | Celebrating Rebecca Frech | Giveaway Time!

So much awesome: Series launch | Celebrating Rebecca Frech | Giveaway Time!


I am suffering from a raging case of bad news fatigue, my friends. It’s everywhere I turn; it’s unavoidable! Sometimes all the evil, false, and ugly becomes a bit too much for my little brain to process. So, rather than curling up in the fetal position on my couch with a bottomless tub of ice cream and posting pictures of kittens on FB, I decided to shine a little light on some pretty amazing Catholic women who are making this world a better place in their own unique way. Without further ado, welcome to the very first installment of Celebrating Real Catholic Women! Because sometimes, we need permission to ponder the good, true, and beautiful. Sometimes we just need a break from the bad.


Ain't she purty??
Ain’t she purty??

I first “met” Rebecca online by way of her underrated blog, Shoved to Them. Soon thereafter, this homeschooling newbie had a copy of Rebecca’s latest book in my hands, and, imagine my surprise when she not only generously responded to each and every one of my petty and profound homeschooling questions, but proved to be somewhat of a kindred spirit. Rebecca is extremely talented and resourceful, and she is fiercely intelligent and wickedly hilarious, which I truly appreciate. We finally met “IRL” at Edel, and I can honestly say she is even more awesome in person! I recently caught up with Rebecca for a quick conversation in between history lesson planning, writing, and laughing about cultural differences.

Real Catholic Mom: So, Rebecca, you’ve had a blog for quite a while and even wrote a book. Why and how did you start writing?
Rebecca Frech: I started blogging out of boredom and loneliness. We had just moved to a neighborhood of elderly people; it was just the blue haired women and me. I needed people to talk to, so I started a blog. I never really thought that anyone would read it or that I would have much to say. I figured I’d blog for a few months until I found real life friends, just to help me over the hump.

Writing the book was definitely a calling. I had never read a single homeschooling book before I began homeschooling. It’s crazy but true!

Several years later, a friend began looking into teaching her children at home, and would call me just bawling. After reading the “best books on the market,” she was convinced that she could never homeschool. I was curious and began reading those same books, and quickly determined that there had to be something better out there. When I couldn’t find it, I decided that I would have to write it myself!

RCM: You write about a bunch of different things, but what is your most favoritest thing to write about?
RF: I love to write about politics. If I could get a good back and forth debate going, without nastiness and name-calling, I would do it every day. It makes me so energized! I was a poli-sci major in college and on the debate team, so I think it must just be in my genetic make-up.

RCM: Obviously, your faith plays a major part in your writing.
RF: My faith is the prism through which I see the world, it informs and helps to form my world view. I sit down to write and offer a silent prayer to do no harm. That’s always where I start. I’m not a theologian. I’m just a mom who writes things down in an effort to make sense of the world around me. My great fear is of harming someone else’s faith in my effort to explore my own.

That said, I try to walk in the memory of St. Catherine of Alexandria. She was a great talker who led many people to Christ through the example of her life and the power of her words. If I can, through exposing the imperfections and trials of my own life, help to bring other people to Christ with me … that would be my ultimate dream.

RCM: Okay, so you’ve already got one saint in your corner! If you could spend the day with any saint, who would it be?
RF: I’d spend time with St Philip Neri and his fat, farting dog. He was hysterical and loved to make people laugh. I think a day with him would be one well spent.

RCM: You’ve gotta tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know. You’re interesting!
RF: Is it possible that people don’t know something about me at this point?? I pick up accents when I talk to people. It’s a habit of being a Navy brat. Sounding like people helped me to blend in, so I can drawl and twang along with the best of them. It also means that my kids can tell you who I’m talking to on the phone just be listening to how long or short my vowels are.

If, like me, you need more Frech, connect with Rebecca via e-mail at shovedtothem {at} yahoo {dot} com, and be sure to listen in to Archangel Radio Friday, August 22 from 7-8 a.m. CST when Rebecca chats with the Live Hour guys about all things good, true, and beautiful.


For homeschooling newbies everywhere!
For homeschooling newbies everywhere!

It seems particularly appropriate to kick off a new series with a giveaway, yes? Yes! The gracious and unstoppable Rebecca Frech (see above), who officially began blogging over at Patheos this week, also wrote a wonderfully helpful book I cannot recommend highly enough called Teaching in Your Tiara – a homeschooling book for the rest of us. And she is generously offering a signed copy to one lucky Real Catholic Mom follower!!

Here’s how to win: follow the Real Catholic Mom blog here on WP and Twitter and Shoved to Them on Patheos and Twitter and leave a comment on this blog post by 5 p.m. EST Friday. This isn’t a fancy-shmancy Rafflecopter giveaway – we trust you when you tell us you’re following. A winner will be randomly selected and announced in this week’s Real Catholic Mom 7QT link-up on Friday night.

Good luck!