Oh, my, how time does fly …

Oh, my, how time does fly …

It’s the last day of June. So, what in the world do I have to show for it?

  • The celebration of two beautiful children’s lives via birthday parties on the 13th and the 24th – check/check.
  • Survived hubby’s “extended” trip to Steubenville (almost) completely unscathed. Uh, check.
  • Last cantoring of the year with the St. C’s choir … now, summer off –  ahhhhhhhhh ….. check.
  • Moral and other support provided for Real Catholic Men conference – check.
  • Worked full-time hours away from home for the fourth month in a row – grateful sigh. And check.
  • Praying and praying and praying and praying and praying … well, never checked.
  • Hubby scheduled a job interview with a company across the country. Thank you, Jesus – checkity-check-check-paycheck! (?)
  • Celebrated with our Team and saying good-bye to our chaplain – sniff & check.
  • Realized that there is so much in life that cannot be expressed

in a quick bullet list and

checked off.