31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Movie Night (Day 23)

31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Movie Night (Day 23)

Our children’s school has a fun tradition of sponsoring regular movie nights in the gym. The kids wear pjs, bring a blanket and a stuffed friend, and sack out on the floor while the adults (and 2-year-old) hang back slightly and keep a (mostly) relaxed eye on things.

Tonight’s selection was Inside Out, a movie probably everyone has seen and knows more about than I. While I’d heard of it and vaguely recall people liking it, no details particularly lodged in my noggin. This could be because I get out to see movies in an actual theater once every 18 months or so (on average) and Inside Out wasn’t on my 3-year-plan.


Imagine my surprise when I discover the movie is all about emotions, and who’s at the center of the emotion squad? You guessed it. A character named “Joy.”

Movie night near

Movie night screen near (Joy with Sadness) … and

Movie night far

Movie night screen far (again, Joy with Sadness).

I liked the movie. I really did. I laughed out loud several times, and was biting my lip several more to keep from crying (so sue me! I’m a softy!). I couldn’t help but think about Easter Sunday, and how it wouldn’t be possible without Good Friday, just like Joy realized she needed Sadness to help Riley (the human protagonist) reengage with her family and environment.

I am a sloooow movie-processor, for the most part (probably because I don’t see them often and am out of practice), but I’d love to talk with you about it: have you seen Inside Out? What did you think?