31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Fall (Day 14)

31 Days of Unexpected Joy: Fall (Day 14)

Hi, there!

In case you are just dying to know what my day looked like, here it is in a nutshell: morning routine huge juice spill whine drive drive kids drive school Mass whine drive drive pumpkin patch whine drive drive kids drive home lunch huge spill again clean like a freaking maniac in-laws arrive kids all talking at once dinnertime kids whine bedtime routine now. it was a bit much of a day.

BUT! I had a really edifying time at the pumpkin patch with my two youngest. I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it, because of all the other things I had on my plate and also because, usually, when I have done things with the two youngest in the past, I end up having to chase after the baby and the poor preschooler has to be pulled away from her fun activities while I tend to the little dude. Today, however, was gloriously beautiful, and everyone had a good time! That is, of course, until the 2-year-old biffed it and landed face-first in the dirt and the 4-year-old timed out because she needed a snack and I had nothing but old fast food napkins to offer her. But otherwise, it was a pretty successful outing!

One of the things I’m loving about having two littles again is that, the first time I had two littles, I was so terribly overwhelmed by having two littles that I rarely had a moment to breathe and enjoy having two littles. This time around, I can still get a bit anxious about certain safety-related things (Sit down on your bottom while the tractor is moving! Don’t put your hand up next to the goat’s mouth! Don’t climb on the slide!), I am actually able to take in some of what they’re seeing and just … breathe in life. It’s pretty awesome.

So! Please enjoy pictures from our glorious morning at the farm. I’m warning you – there are a lot. 🙂 Until tomorrow, God bless y’all!


Are we having fun yet

baby cows

big ole slide

scenery frrom hay ride

Both kids with pump

Gianna table o pumpkins

gigi with pump

gigi with pumpkin


going down with a friend

I think we have a winner gigi

K and G black and white

PP scenery

Kids on the hayride

tree farm part

kolbe pumpkin

Kolbe with chickens

let's pick one

Mama and Kolbe with tongue