That’s not the way Confession works, people!

That’s not the way Confession works, people!

Okay, Losties and anyone else –

Interesting development with the back story on the “Richard” character during tonight’s episode of Lost.

In the late 1800s, Richard accidentally killed the physician who jealously guarded the medicine that could possibly save Richard’s wife’s life.

He was caught and imprisoned for his crime. Someone who was dressed like a priest came to visit and asked if Richard was ready to confess his sins. Richard acted truly remorseful for killing the doctor, and the priest refused to grant him absolution; the priest said that there was no way Richard could work his way back into God’s favor through penance, as he was to be hanged the following day. He left with a “May God have mercy on your soul” and a smirk.

If, in fact, the man in the long black garb was a priest, he was completely in error to not grant Richard absolution for his sin. That’s not the way the Sacrament works, people! Anyone want to argue with me about this? Bring it on – let’s go. 🙂

Okay, so next scene – Richard is being sold into slavery, and the priest gets the pay-off, Judas-style. Obviously corrupt. So, now, discuss.

Oh, and finally some questions are being answered – the actor playing Richard really DOES wear eyeliner. 🙂