“Offer it up!” huh??!

“Offer it up!” huh??!

You have a headache, your kids are running wild, your car won’t start, you don’t get the promotion you were hoping for. Many cradle Catholics grew up hearing the response “offer it up” to their complaints, both large and small.

I’m looking for answers to the following questions: How does one go about explaining this practice/concept (and its efficacy) to Protestants? What about an easy way to explain it to your kids?

I’ll post responses that are #1: theologically sound (scripturally-based or have roots in early Church Fathers’ writings) and #2: are easy enough for us “non-theologian” types to understand (this will be especially helpful when I’m trying to explain the concept to children).

Thanks in advance for your help! I’m “offering up” the patience needed ’til I get your responses *right now*!

Pax Christi.