Blessed Am I: An update and an invitation

Blessed Am I: An update and an invitation

Happy Thursday, friends! It’s been an especially busy and fruitful season for ye olde Real Catholic Mom. Not necessarily for this here blog, as you may have noticed; this poor thing tends to be relegated to the sidelines whenever Mom’s dance card is full with family, conference, retreatconference, retreat, and convention. Woof.

As much as I absolutely love traveling and sharing The Good News with other women and experiencing incredible, Holy Spirit-infused Visitation moments (#myjamforlife), there’s something rather precious and sweet about having nothing (okay, well, almost nothing) on my calendar leading into the holidays except for “normal” Wife-of-one-and-Mom-of-five stuff, which, quite honestly, is plenty for any soul, especially a former (ugh! I cannot tell a lie!) current Martha-holic like me with uniquely challenging and beautiful children like ours. I feel like these blessed blanks on my calendar are God’s way of gently guiding me closer to hearth and home, allowing Him to expertly guide this busy ship to shore for a bit of leave.

My challenge: To honor the blanks and not rush to fill them to overflowing like the recovering human doing that I am.

But y’all must know by now that I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t share a bit of what’s coming up, and they are good things, friends – very good things. To that end, here are my personal invitations to you and yours:


Please join me LIVE for my very first online workshop with the wonderful Blessed is She ministry next Wednesday. The workshop, called Living Abundantly Through Forgiveness and Healing, streams live at 6 p.m. PST // 9 p.m. EST or can be downloaded after the event closes if the live time doesn’t work with your schedule. My prayer is that you’ll leave the session encouraged and strengthened to completely release any nagging bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness behind so you may close out this glorious Year of Mercy with a renewed sense of healing and wholeness.

Speaking of slowing down and digging deep … Advent is coming. I know, I know. But! As with everything, it is an opportunity to draw closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. From the Blessed is She website:

You want to dive deeper into the season of Advent, you desire to lay aside the busy-ness this season can become, and you yearn for a deeper relationship with our Lord. Here is your chance. Here is your time to grow closer to Him, to learn more about Him, and to fall more in love with Him. “Together, let’s prepare our hearts and our very lives for the coming of the Baby.” // Elizabeth Foss, author of By the Manger in the Morning Prayer Journal

***Please note: Clicking through to the BIS website via the above image or the hyperlinked title financially benefits, in a small yet meaningful way, my friend and fellow prayer warrior/speaker/writer/uplifter, Mary Lenaburg. Thank you kindly for your generosity!

For local friends, I’ll be at St. Cecilia Parish again this year for their Women With Spirit Advent Recollection on Tuesday, December 6th at 7 p.m. Stay tuned for more details!

Finally, dear friends – would you please pray for me? The Holy Spirit has really been working on my heart these past few months, and even more intensely these past few weeks. I want to be able to be still (neither my best nor my most natural posture) to listen to and, more importantly, cooperate, with His leading.

Until next time, please know of my prayers with and for you.


When Mommy’s Away …

When Mommy’s Away …

… the kids and Daddy will all go to a doctor’s appointment

and get lunch at Wendy’s

and feed the ducks at the duck pond. And … drumroll, please …

… the 21-month-old will say “Daddy” for the very first time. !!!

Actually, he said it just after I got home from work. Daddy was on the phone on the patio outside, and the boy child enthusiastically pointed outside, saying, “Yaggy, Yaggy!” I pointed at the man in question to clarify, and asked, “Daddy?” Out came the emphatic reply: “Yeah!” After Daddy came inside, I pointed again and inquired, “Who is this?” “Yaggy, Yaggy!” he said. So, ‘Yaggy” it is.

Yaggy was very happy. Yaggy smiled and kissed his son. “It’s about time,” said Yaggy. Yaggy was a bit concerned that his new name sounded oddly like “Shaggy” from the old Scooby-Doo cartoon. He wondered if he’ll have to start doling out Scooby snacks to the children periodically throughout the day.

Silly Yaggy.

She’s got a “faith” for radio

She’s got a “faith” for radio

It was really weird. You see, I listen to K-Blessed-Virgin-Mary radio station pretty much every day. I never thought what it would be like to be the one people were listening to.

My biggest fear – honestly – was that I would scandalize my family. Or say too much. Or the wrong thing. Or not anything that would be inspirational or helpful to anyone. Okay, so I had gotten a little worked up about the whole thing. I listen to the radio – I’m not on the radio! Yet, there I was, Monday morning, ready to go – gulp – live.

Just a bit of a rewind to set the stage: originally, I was scheduled to speak on KBVM’s In Person show to publicize the Women’s Tea for Life fundraiser I was planning in our Archdiocese for mid-October; however, the event got bumped to next Spring due to scheduling issues. Dina Marie Hale, the program host, said I should still come, that we could talk about married life, motherhood, Teams of Our Lady, stuff. I sing in front of about 400+ people every Sunday, I thought. I can handle a radio show. What’s the big deal?

Well, if one believes statistics, people are afraid of death, then public speaking. In that order. And, I am assuming, most people who speak in public can have notes. This was going to be live, off-the-cuff, ain’t no knowin’ what’s comin’ next. No notes would really help. That was a bit daunting to me, especially since the most impromptu experience I have is based on the entertainment needs of a 15-month-old, a 4 1/2 year -old, and a 6-year-old, and they’re a pretty forgiving audience.

Anyway, I must say that prayer is a wonderful thing, because I was able to pray with the host before we went on (this was not a hostile situation by any stretch), and she did a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable throughout the show. I also know that family and friends were praying for me. One friend called to say she remembered me to Christ during the Consecration at Holy Mass that morning. Also, I remembered to bring my 1st Holy Communion rosary and my Confirmation Bible as well as my Catholic Women’s Bible with me (hey, why take chances?).

Anyway, I apologize, but I can’t really give you too many specifics about what we discussed. I know I talked about adoption, not being Filipino, 40 Days for Life, St. Monica, Teams of Our Lady, St. Therese and her parents, Fr. Donald Calloway (I think) – just a bunch of stuff; honestly, though, it was pretty surreal. It was almost like it wasn’t me who was talking, and yet, I was. I ended up not using the closing prayer I brought to pray because it didn’t seem appropriate given the rest of the conversation, so I just winged it. Yup, me. Well, me and the Holy Spirit. We winged it.

It was pretty clear less than 5 minutes after we wrapped things up that our recording studio had been thick with the Holy Spirit. I just pray that God is glorified in everything I do, radio gigs involving extensive impromptu speaking included.

The feedback from friends and family has been really positive, thanks be to God! If anyone is interested, I will be posting the interview to our website as soon as I can. God’s blessings upon you and your families!

Vivat Jesus!