Prayers for Baby Miriam!!

Prayers for Baby Miriam!!

Y’all, I don’t usually (read: NEVER) post twice in one day, but this is an emergency. In your charity, would you PLEASE pray for sweet baby Miriam, the daughter of Cassandra Ho? I am including the detailed information, including the specific prayer to St. Rita that Cassandra has requested we pray.

PLEASE STORM HEAVEN for this sweet baby girl and her family!

Prayers for Miriam

EMERGENCY PRAYERS NEEDED! Baby Miriam Angelica was born today, on the feast of St. Rita (5.22). She was born via emergency c-section due to a uterine rupture and is in great need of prayers.

Baby Miriam was revived and is preparing to be transferred to another NICU since she is not moving on her own and is non-responsive. Her mother, Cassandra, waits in recovery to be reunited with her.

She has asked that we pray for a complete healing of her precious baby girl as her state remains unknown.

Baby Miriam Angelica has received the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.

We pray for the intercession of St. Rita of Cascia for a complete healing for baby Miriam, mama, and entire family (husband, six siblings, and all extended family).

“O holy protectress of those who are in utmost need, shining as a star of hope in the midst of darkness, in patience and fortitude as the patriarch Job, scourge of devils, health of the sick, deliverer of those in extreme need, admiration of saints and model of all states! “With confident trust, and firmly united to the adorable will of my God, through the merits of my only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and in particular of that painful crown of thorns which with a tender devotion thou didst daily contemplate; through the merits of the most sweet Virgin Mary and thine own excellent graces and virtues, I implore thee with my whole heart and soul, to obtain my earnest petition, provided it be for the greater glory of God and my salvation.”
Please share this prayer intention per the request of mom, Cassandra.

Image credit: Lena Flores, @joyfilledfamily