I’m a Girlfriend!

I’m a Girlfriend!

So … That headline might be sliiiightly misleading. 

No need to call my Archbishop – I haven’t done anything crazy like dump my husband or become polygamous. 

What I did however, was recently join the incomparable author/speaker/Mom-of-many Danielle Bean on her podcast called – you guessed it – Girlfriends

I figure since I was on her show, I am now an honorary girlfriend. Fun!

Listen in and let me know what you think. Happy Summer!

God bless y’all,

And a not-so-little child shall lead them

And a not-so-little child shall lead them

While driving in the car the other day (Lord knows I spend a lot of time in the car these days), I decided to solicit some advice about how to tackle all of the things I’ve currently got on my plate.

Luckily for me, I had a middle schooler in the passenger seat of my car, so, naturally, I asked her.

“Honey,” I began, “what do you think about all the things Mama has going on these days? How do you think I can get them all done?”

She barely thought for a moment before she replied: “Well, it seems like you are doing a lot of things all at the same time,” I vigorously nodded my head in assent as I navigated the sweeping country roads back to our house. “In school,” she said, “I try to just do one thing at a time until I’m done. And then I move on to the next thing.”

The simplicity of her response both startled and resonated with me. “Soooo,” I queried, slightly incredulously, “what if something changes, and the teacher wants you to do something else before you’ve finished with the first thing?” She admitted that happened from time to time. “Well, then I have to adjust, and I do what the teacher asks until that’s done, and then I go back to the other thing I was working on and do that it until it’s done.” After a quick pause, she added, “I really hate homework, and I’d rather just get it done in class so I have time for fun things when I get home.”

Wow. My kid is growing up. And she is pretty smart. And I should take an organizational page from her every once in a while. Just don’t tell her I said so. She is on the cusp of the teenage years, after all. I really wouldn’t want all her “right-ness” and “smartness” to go to her head. 😉

The moral of the story is: Do what you’re doing until you’re done. The end.

What’s your REALLY IMPORTANT THING this Lent?

What’s your REALLY IMPORTANT THING this Lent?

Too much of a good thing can be … bad? Here are some sure signs it’s time to reconsider all the time and energy you’re spending on that REALLY IMPORTANT THING in your life:

1) When it turns your attention away from your relationship with God: “Don’t worry, Heavenly Father – I’ll be right there. I just have to work on this REALLY IMPORTANT THING first.”

2) When it sucks away energy you need for your relationship with your spouse: “Sorry, Honey – no time to chat; I’m off to such-and-such meeting for my REALLY IMPORTANT THING for the second time this week. Be back soon!”

3) When it hijacks your thoughts and renders you “here yet not present” with your kids: “What were you saying, Jack? You got a prize in the math competition today? I’m sorry, Mommy it is a bit distracted with her REALLY IMPORTANT THING lately. We’ll go to Burger Hut later – after I catch up on my to-do list – to celebrate.”

There are, certainly, many truly important things that God wants us to be doing. We just need to prayerfully discern which things are important to Him first.

In Scripture, it tells us that where our hearts are, so will our treasure be. I want my treasure to be in Heaven! Because, even though there are so many REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS to do here on Earth and so little time to get them all done, I want to serve my Heavenly Father in Spirit AND in Truth … in word AND in deed.

Which REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS in your life is God asking you to cut back on, detach from, give up this Lenten season so you may draw closer to Him?

As for me, I need to close this really important blog so I can go change a REALLY stinky diaper.

God bless!