Can’t sleep? Here’s an idea …

Can’t sleep? Here’s an idea …

You’d think that, with the extraordinary lack of sleep we’re experiencing in this household lately, I’d go to bed WAY early and sleep REALLY well when sleep makes itself available.

You’d be wrong.

It seems that even when I am sleeping, I’m only doing it halfway, since my subconscious somehow realizes that it will be mere moments (okay, so it’s usually an hour and a half or so) before I am awakened by the sweet sounds of my young daughter. Again.

There have been other times when, after nursing, burping, and using my ninja mothering skills to put Baby G back in her crib, I put my head down on the pillow and just __ can’t ___ get ___ back ___ to ___ sleep.

Why, oh, Lord?

Most often, I am thinking about those things which probably keep other Moms up at night – things done, things to be done, random things, parenting things, kid things, marriage things, silly things, job things, God things, money things, friend things, and lots of, well, things.

Growing up, Mom always said to pray when I couldn’t sleep. So … I don’t know if this is an original idea, but I think I might have found some sort of a way to offer my concerns up to God while remembering my “to do” list without getting up in the middle of the night.

Specifically, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I came up with: Does Jesus Save? Oh, My – Yes!

It was something of a prayer AND a mnemonic device – the first letter of each of the words in this simple phrase reminded me what I was supposed to do this morning when I got up – e-mail D, J, and Facebook S; call O and e-mail M and Y.

I never said I was cool.

I just said that it worked.

These were the REALLY IMPORTANT things that were keeping me from sleeping. Coming up with this was a way to remember them and offer them up to God. Not only did I fall asleep more quickly, I remembered what I needed to do this morning before I went to work.


We’ll see if I’m able to sleep tonight. If not, the HS and I might have to concoct another little phrase to help me out!

Blessings and peace to you – and a good night’s rest.