{SQT} All the things, man. All the things. #TVPLaunch #CWR2015 and more

{SQT} All the things, man. All the things. #TVPLaunch #CWR2015 and more


Without further ado, ALLLLLL the things:


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So … it’s true … it’s really happening. The Visitation Project premieres THIS SUNDAY on the all-new Mater Dei Radio at 7:30 p.m. PST. I can’t even. Simcha Fisher herself has an EXCLUSIVE AUDIO CLIP today, and our friend Nell with Whole Parenting wrote about it, as did Cari from Clan Donaldson. Miss Dwija from House Unseen ‘Grammed it … Oh – and Sr. Patricia reviewed it over at Patheos. How could I forget Sr. Patricia? HILARIOUS!! Please let me know if we are missing anyone! (Why does this feel like the Oscars?) And … Thanks to all our friends and family for their support. Now we just hope that someone will actually listen … and then actually listen again. And still. The listening. ALLLLL the listening. Check out posts from my amazing co-hosts Bonnie and Rebecca, too!


TVP hearts Catholic Radio giveaway winner

Another radio-related note: the TVP crew converged upon the Catholic Broadcasting NW facilities in Portland, OR, to record earlier this spring, and they just launched their new name – Mater Dei Radio – along with a spiffy new website, and schedule (including TVP! Squee!) today. So, so much good stuff. Last week was their Pledge Drive, and they raised about 91% of their goal. Looking for something to do for the New Evangelization, but not sure where to start? Supporting Catholic radio is always a good bet, and I am 100% positive they would still accept donations of any size if you’re willing and able. My friend Cajun Texas Mom (also our TVP Giveaway winner! WOOT!) does a great job explaining why.


Ain't no party like a Catholic party and the Catholic party don't stahp
Ain’t no party like a Catholic party and the Catholic party don’t stahp

What else? Oh, yes! Tickets for Catholic Women Rejoice featuring Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary + the Edel Gathering and Catholic Evangelist Kelly Wahlquist and yours truly went on sale Monday! We decided to change up the event a bit this year, so it’s going to kick off with Vigil Mass at 5, beer + wine + yummies, speakers, and then … a party. How awesome would it be to get the women in your life a ticket for Mother’s Day? Really. How awesome? Mark your calendars for SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 2015, and come rejoice with us!


My blog title may or may not have been inspired by The Blues Brothers.
My blog title may or may not have been inspired by The Blues Brothers.

I had a devotion up at Blessed is She yesterday. Being part of this team is always incredibly edifying. I hope you’ll check out the #projectblessed stuff happening over on Instagram and Twitter, too. It’s soul-fulfilling!


My second post is up at CatholicMom.com on Monday. It's a doozy.
My second post is up at CatholicMom.com on Monday. It’s a doozy.

My second article for CatholicMom.com is out Monday, May 4th. I’d really love to know what you think. It’s a bit different for me (who normally dwells squarely in raw, truth-teller-ville) to delve into fictitious fable-land, but it was all for the greater glory of God so we can welcome the stranger in our midst. I’ll post a link here when it’s live.


The Instigator left me and the kids to go to visit all the people in Alabama this week. Boo, hiss. I plan on spending most of Sunday in the Adoration Chapel to recover and I’m not even kidding.


I keep thinking I’m missing something. But that’s probably because the rent is due and the kids need to be picked up from school and, as usual, I have too many things going on at once.

Y’all, that’s probably what I’m forgetting: will you PLEASE pray for me? I could surely use your prayers. There are some things going on behind the scenes that aren’t ready to be shared here, but definitely can still be prayed over. I would be SO incredibly grateful! And … please do leave me a comment … how may I pray for you? I promise I will. After all, we are in this crazy thing called life together.

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