Shout out to all the Catholic Moms out there!

Shout out to all the Catholic Moms out there!

Just a quick post today, but I have to share this one quick thing: I am so, so, so happy and blessed to be in the Mom’s Group at our new parish!

These are imperfect, funny, friendly, welcoming, REAL women who are seeking God’s will for themselves, their spouses, and their families. I leave every Tuesday morning inspired and uplifted. And it’s NOT just because it’s the only day during the week that I have “caffeine” in my coffee, although I’m sure that doesn’t hurt my enthusiasm!

Anyway, if you have a Mom’s Group at your parish, why don’t you check it out? You just might learn something about your faith and yourself, and I’m pretty sure the other women won’t bite. Heck – you just might make some new friends who are trying to swim against the cultural current, just like you.

If you’re in a Mom’s group, what benefits do you experience from being a part of that particular fellowship? Your comments and thoughts are most welcome!

If you don’t have a Mom’s group, would you like to start one? I am so happy to pass along a few ideas I’ve picked up along the way for putting something together. The returns on your small investment of time and energy could far surpass your wildest imaginings and have unbelievable eternal ramifications for the women in your parish – and their families. Ask God if this is a way He is asking you to serve your parish community.

So, to all the Catholic Moms out there – YOU ARE LOVED!! YOU are a blessing just because you are YOU, a unique child of God! Thank you for being a light to those around you. The world would be less if YOU were not in it.

God bless!!!